Killington, Vermont - Big White, Canada Trip

31st Jan 13

Hi, sorry I havn't managed to get some film on line, have been laid up having some rehab for bruising from last week at Copper.

Leaving to go via Copper to Killington on Saturday for another couple of Nor Am races then its off to Big White in Canada, BC for two more races.

Really excited for Canada in particular - bring on Poutine ha!

Bruised my shoulder blades, back and ribs after the practice day run last week - been to see the great staff at Sportsmed in Steamboat and they are fairly confident that a week of rest should bring me right.

Gutted though as Steamboat has had 36 inches of snow in the last couple of days. Tried to have a Powder Day but after the first run - I decided I had better follow medical instructions!! Dam.

Will keep you posted over the next couple of weeks. Hope everyone is having an awesome summer or winter where ever you are!


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