South American SBX Cup 2017

Sept 17

It's been a roller coaster month, really enjoyed the training but have been working on all sorts of things - revisiting technique and board stiffness.

Unfortunately, riding a new board for my first world cups did not pan out!! super disappointed but everything felt right! which was really frustrating. However, onwards and upwards I'll continue to work on bringing all the new changes together.

Stayed on in Bariloche to get some race training on one of the best courses I've ever ridden and competed in the South American SBX Cup with a number of other World Cup riders.

Very pleased to report that - I secured a couple of 2nd's out of two races - finally felt like things were coming together.

I really enjoy racing - so now looking forward to some more hard training in NZ before leaving for the Northern Hemisphere training in Austria and Finland (a first, looking forward to that). Then into the full on World Cup Schedule leading into the Olympics.

Giving it my all.  Hardwork, perseverance!

Thanks for the support.

World Cup SBX Argentina

Aug/Sept 2018

Have been training hard working on a few techniques and re assessing my boards - Ushuaia at the bottom of Argentina has been really amazing, hospitality and course have been excellent to get the season started.

Enjoyed exploring Buenos Aires for a couple of days on route to Ushuaia lucky how the Air New Zealand flights arriving from Auckland fell. Really interesting history - took a bike tour around the city.

Yesterday spent the day travelling back to Bariloche via Buenos Aires for the first World Cup of the 2017/2018 season.

Looking forward to the first races - this will be my biggest season of my career with the Olympic Goal at the end.

SBX World Cup Argentina first up in 2017.

 1st July 2017

Hey thanks for checking in apologies for the delay.

It's been super busy since I got home.

Super stoked to be in the NZ Winter Olympics Long List Team (which means I will find out in January if it's all go). Working hard.

In the meantime there has been lots of planning papers to complete, medical and gym assessments.

Now its getting some on snow training and full on gym sessions.

Sorted on the Board shed this season - so there will be more of this leading up to the first World Cup in Argentina in Sept.

Thanks for the support and watch this space.

2017 World Snowboard Championships, Sierra Nevada, Spain

12th Mar 2017

Wow I'm feeling pretty happy with how my first World Snowboard Championships turned out. Got a few lucky breaks, kept on my feet and came away with 5th on the day.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me to this point especially my parents, Skeggs Foundation - great wax job by Ross ISTC and thanks to Wanaka Physio for the help prior to my event.

Having some time out for a few days prior to the Veysonnaz World Cup early next week.

To save the cost of return flights to USA and back I was given the opportunity to catch up with Dad's little sis Mary and husband Tony and meet my little cousins Eleanor and Stephanie who I haven't had the chance of meeting before. Yorkshire Beverley in Britain is an incredible place - so much history.

Visited Captain Cooks house today and checked out Whitby - really nice area.  Thanks for the trip Mary.

FIS Snowboard & Freestyle World Championships 2017, Sierra Nevada, Spain

8th Mar 17

Arrived into Sierra Nevada - had a great road trip down from Barcelona via Valencia.  My allocated room is on the mountain which is great, so I took the opportunity to get out and explore the mountain - awesome views - all the way across Mediterranean Sea to Morocco!

Definitely spring conditions very warm and the snow looks brown but its actually as a result of a sand storm which came through! Not something we have to deal with in New Zealand.

Had a great day climbing and riding around the Sierra's - got back to the base and was super hungry and check it out - the locals had put on a traditional Shrimp Polenta for everyone - delicious!
I really like Spain - people, food, scenery.

World Cup SBX 2017

27th Feb 17

Check out this photo - I was optimistic when I noticed the 11:11.

So whats been happening - since January I have been fighting various infections and the head has been crazy sore. 3 visits to US Doctors and 3 lots of antibiotics (which I hate taking, really knocks me around). Plus 7 international flights - I got back to Colorado and thought my season was over.

Splitting headaches no matter what I took or tried.  So I finally (with some firm requests from folks back home) headed for the A&E at the St Anthonys Summit Hospital Emergency in Frisco.

Super impressed with the doctors - really keen to sort through the possible problems (keeping in mind I hadn't had a crash, concussion wasn't on the list of possibilities).  Lots of worrying thoughts going through my head - until they set up the IV and I laid down to chill - I noticed the clock - 11:11 I think it's supposed to be good luck? so after a few hours they let me out. But come back if I wasn't improving in the next day or so.

The first day I felt a bit better, brought a new humidifier at 9/10,000 feet the altitude can get you sometimes. But no so back I went and I'm pleased to say that once again St Anthony's Doctors were awesome - CT Scan and some investigation showed up some severe inflammation and fluid pooling going on, but no tumours etc so I believe these Doctors have got my situation sorted.  Awesome!!

Hence I'm leaving tomorrow - for the last three World Cup/World Championship SBX events of the Northern Hemisphere. La Molina Spain and then Sierra South Spain, then Veysonnaz Switzerland. Watch this space hopefully I'll have a lot more energy - being sick for over a month - takes it out of you.

The Challenges of international sport. Watch this space.

FIS World Cup SBX Bansko, Bulgaria 2017

4th Feb 2017

Wow, I have had a great time in Bansko, Bulgaria - here's a couple of photos.

The pre night Bib distribution function:-  It was a shame I couldn't  speak to the young girl who I was paired with.  22nd on the day - 38th overall World Cup rankings - top half of field.  Feeling stronger as long as I can get this sinus infection under control - the joys of travel. Really looking forward to the next four world cups.

Finish area of the World Cup Course.

Bansko, Bulgaria, FIS, SBX World Cup 2017

31st Jan 2017

Hi, I have arrived in Bansko, Bulgaria for the first FIS World Cup held in Europe in 2017, we flew Denver, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Sofia - always love arriving in a new place.

Didn't see much of Sofia as we drove straight out to Bansko but the only way to describe Bansko (from my point of view is like a mini Las Vegas in the snow and mountains) everyone very friendly, food awesome, really cheap compared to USA/main stream Europe, don't think I'll be speaking the language anytime soon! Very challenging, admire those that speak multiple languages.

Looking forward to checking out the sights in Sofia on the way out to next World Cup in Germany.

Staying in a sweet hotel with most of the other World Cup athletes, full field so it's going to be an interesting race.

They say this World Cup was to be a sprint race (which I haven't competed in before) but checking out the course its like a mini SBX course and they reckon times instead of .50sec - 1.10sec it could be down to 20 - 30 seconds!! As my Dad says it takes him that long to get out of the armchair! Ha. Official's discussing how to time the races down to 1000 sec's, rather than 100's. Watch this space.

Big mountain steep but narrow. Bansko in the distance. 

Solitude World Cup SBX training 2016

20th Jan 2017

This year has been moving very slow after a great break over New Year.

I've spent the last couple of weeks battling a sinus infection and haven't been able to do a lot.  Splitting headaches are not very conducive to hitting jumps or gym workouts. So a couple of visits to US Doctors and I'm finally on the mend.

Drove 7 hours up to Solitude Resort in Utah for the USA Grand Prix FIS World Cup.

Starting to feel a lot better plus really happy to have received my two old boards from Kessler Switzerland, where I had left them to have a new grind put into them after Austria.

Training day was fun - nice course, never been to Solitude before, really great.

Felt pretty good in the quals round yesterday, super stoked to qualify 30th yesterday in field of 68 - so I'm World Cup racing tomorrow - will give it my best shot!

Photo cred - thanks Rax

New Years Resolution 2017


I hope everyone, family and friends have had a really great start to 2017 and may the year bring lots of awesome experiences and memories.

I have been enjoying a break from the snow and trying some new things which is what I hope to do more of in 2017.

So - yes surfing, really enjoyed my first day and definitely look forward to doing more, plus bigger waves.

Plus shock horror "Dad" - I really enjoyed meeting this fellow and having a great day riding around the countryside.
 Life live to the full.

Montafon World Cup, Austria

11th Dec 2016

Have had a great couple of weeks training and racing at Pitzal, Austria - two practice races in my first Europa Cups. I'm happy with how I'm feeling considering I haven't had much snow time leading into the season.

We are packing up today and preparing boards for the shift to Montafon for the first World Cup.

I realise it's going to be a very tough season with all Olympians, World Cup and new athletes seeking an Olympic 2018 spot, but I'm determined to be in the mix and all efforts are going towards a great race season.

I have really enjoyed my stay here in Pitzal it has been great - awesome training course,  hotel and the food has been terrific!!

Thank you Pitzal have a great Christmas and Winter season.

Training shot, blue sky days.  Photo Credit: Ross Hindman, ISTC. 

Pitzal Glacier Austria - Europa Cups.

29th Nov 2016

Great flight over the ditch on Lufthansa, to Munich and then a quick drive down to Innsbrook and up to Pitzal.

Amazing location to be competing and training, view from the top of gondola.  We are here until the 12th Dec when we shift to Montafon for the first World Cup.

I'm doing a couple of Europa Cups really looking forward to getting back on a track for the first time in months actually on snow!

Montafon World Cup trip next week!

Nov 16

Can't wait to get back on snow it's been a busy month keeping up with the physical, balance and altitude training in preparation for our departure on the 26th November for four weeks in Pitzal for training and racing Europa Cups and the first World Cup of the season at Montafon.

Big season - Link to Calendar.

Had a cool hike the other day - wasn't that long but really interesting Mt Sherman 14,036 Ft lots of history. Came across this ghost town (just like out of the old westerns) where the miners used to bring in gold, silver and lead for sale and shipping.  

I do appreciate the amazing places I get to see and the people I meet on my travels. 

Mt Harvard, Colorado, SBX Altitude Training.

26th Oct 2016

Loving my SBX life at present - no snow! but these Colorado 14'ers are really enjoyable. No 6 now - Mt Harvard was a long hike, big distance but definitely worth the effort.

Rocky Mountains was a serious understatement, some serious big boulders.

Getting into it:-

Half way looking back at lake.

Made it!  Enjoying the view from the top with Jan - ISTC coach who has just arrived over from Czech Republic. Annabel Tudhope picture credit, Ross ISTC on mountain with us.

Not long now three weeks and we are finally off to Pitzal in Austria for some on snow training, followed by the first World Cup of the season at Montafon. Watch this space. 

14ers Colorado, Mt Democrat

Oct 2016

High altitude training in colorado - one day a week we climb 14,000 feet mountains, so far we have climbed 4 - tomorrow we are going to hit another couple.

Amazing way to see and experience the rocky mountains! Lucky to call this training!

Mt Democrat, Colorado 4,314 metres or 14,155 feet.

SBX Training Colorado, USA

Oct 2016

It feels like I haven't left Colorado, back into the daily habits.

But coach Ross, has decided to mix it up a bit which is great - so we have been doing Ninja training skills, high altitude training hiking up some of Colorado's famous 14'ers, as well as gym work.

This was a view from top of Mt Elbert. Cold day but the snow arrived the next day.

Really keen to get some more time on snow - waiting to hear if we can get an extra training camp organised or stick to the Pitzal training camp before Montafon World Cup in Austria in Nov/Dec.

Working hard - One Day at a Time.

Enjoying the last week of exploring the Wakatipu

20th Sept 2016

Countdown - my southern season is coming to an end next week and I'm off to the Northern Hemisphere for the longest season of my career.

All going well I will complete my first full World Cup Season and compete at the World Snowboard Championships in Spain at the start of March.

Going to miss exploring with this guy!! Mt Dewar, Queenstown.

ANC SBX Champs 2016 - Mt Hotham - completed

2nd Sept 2016

Road trip Mt Hotham back to Sydney - east coast Aussie pretty great.

Finished in overall 3rd place in the ANC series. 2nd on the last day and 5th - happy with how my new tactics and strategies are working out.

So onwards - focusing on my day to day goals.

Quick trip back to NZ to get a couple of courses completed and then it's off to the Northern Hemisphere for training and competing in as many World Cups as I can, plus the Snowboard World Championships in Spain in March 2017.

I have had an awesome holiday in Aussie - it's be great to have some relaxation time in-between events. Appreciate the hospitality of my Aussie friends and their families.

SBX Thredbo Trip 2016

Aug 17th 2016

Unfortunately the ANC SBX races at Thredbo were cancelled but we have been enjoying having great time here - training and competing in their awesome Banked Slalom (rocking the retro look) informal race.
They have gone out of their way to assist us with both meals and setting up a pump track and start gates etc.

Still when nature decides its time to have a day off - I really had a great time exploring south east NSW - my Dad's old stomping ground. Fantastic bays and coastal areas - Fish N Chips at Eden was a definite highlight watching the clear ocean.

Back to Mt Hotham next week for the last two Aussie races and then home.

ANC Cups Mt Hotham Australia 2016

7th Aug 2016

Have really enjoyed the last few days at Mt Hotham, things were changed around a bit they decided to do both race qualifications on the 5th Aug and then both races on the 6th in case the weather packed in.

So qualified 4th and 5th - then finished 5th and 6th respectively - happy with my preparation - tired after the double race day - but to be expected - 12 full on races - something to continue to work on.

We were supposed to race at Thredbo but it appears there isn't enough snow for a race course so the event has been put back on Mt Hotham at the start of September! So decisions to be made - after chatting with Aussie friends and coach - I've decided to travel to Thredbo (as this was all prepaid) for some on snow training and then back to Mt Hotham for the last couple of races. All good practice leading into the season.

Feeling pretty relaxed and looking forward to enjoying the journey.

Frankton Flyer Magazine Interview

30th July 2016

Got a call for a interview with the local magazine "The Flyer" - thanks Sue for the opportunity.  Check it out.

ANC Mt Hotham and Thredbo - Aussie here I come.

29th July 2016

Bags packed - watching the snow forecast - Aussie for 4 ANC races - looking forward to getting on course and I really enjoy visiting Aussie. Plan Sydney - Mt Hotham, Thredbo - Melbourne home.

Will miss watching the odd movie with DOG! Who has already given me the cold shoulder when he saw the bags getting dragged out. Life of a travelling athlete.

All the best to the Kiwis in Rio - will look forward to catching the action.

Balanced life at present - Studying Hard + Playing Heaps

July 16

I've been super busy getting some studying done - Business Management Course thanks to High Performance NZ Education Grant but also I have managed to do two courses towards my PPL Helicopter Theory exams and 1 for CPL Commercial - thanks to Lois for lending me her apartment in Chch!

It's been tough for someone who hasn't ever been to high school - so it was a fairly big challenge getting ready for the exams. I have to say some of my stress management sports practices did come in handy - pleased to say I have passed all so far.

Took the opportunity thanks to Air New Zealand Airpoints programme to meet up with Dad and the crew in Bluff for an awesome fishing trip last weekend.

So calm the first day,  Dad and I managed to get out past Stewart Island to the West and having been escorted by a pod of dolphins - we scored lots of amazing fish, paua and crays for the freezer. Including the 60 cm plus blue cod. Just shows what the various species can become if they aren't over fished.

Climbing Wall - Training, Splitboarding,

June 2016

Having fun getting into some wall climbing, great for the upper body strength, meeting lots of new people.

Also out split boarding with DOG! he had a ball, loved it.  #reallife terrific.

Prime Ministers Scholarship New Zealand - Duncan Campbell

25th May 16

Hi had a great few days, enjoyed a trip to Christchurch to receive acknowledgement cert for being a recipient of the - Prime Ministers Scholarship.  Encouraging athletes to continue education while travelling and training for International Sporting Goals.

Thanks to Carol for your support.

Sir Paul Collins with Duncan Campbell at the High Performance Sport NZ South Island ceremony for the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Awards, 23 May 2016 held at The Commodore Hotel, Christchurch

Copyright Photo: John Davidson / Photosport
 — at Commodore Airport Hotel.

Exploring back country NZ with overseas friends.

17th May 16

I looked at the web today and thought wow the time has gone so quick since I got back - sorry for no posts, have been busy doing some study courses and also keeping fit at gym and out hiking and exploring this awesome area.

Really enjoyed showing some overseas friends around our great back yard in the last couple of days. Had a lot of laughs and found some amazing spots.

Junior World Championships Rogla, Slovenia

5th April 2016

Had an awesome time in Rogla at the Junior World Championships (2nd out of 74), was feeling good and refreshed  after having had a break for a couple of weeks free riding and exploring Colorado mountains.

The snow was spring conditions a little slushy being so warm - weather was 5 to 15 celcius!

Won all my races up until the Final but congrats to Luca it was a great race.

A couple of days and Queenstown via Colorado - here I come, really looking forward to all the things I want to achieve during my off season but also just chilling in the mountains - hiking, camping or split boarding.

Time Flys - Veysonnaz to Slovenia

12 Mar 16

Well it's been a busy few weeks, months and if I have to be honest I'm really looking forward to getting back to NZ.

So after lots of contemplation - I have decided to skip Spain World Cup - chill out in Colorado and then attend the Junior World Snowboard Championships in Slovenia at the end of the month.

It's one event I haven't missed out on because of birth dates! - so really looking forward to seeing some new places and meeting lots of new people - enjoying being back in Summit County for some time out.

I ended up in a photo finish at Veysonnaz the difference between 28th / 40th - I got 40th!! Dam - so hey lots of awesome riders, the competition is tough, split second finishes and on the day results.  My turn is coming!

Pyeongchang 2016 to Veysonnaz, Switzerland - SBX World Cups

29th Feb 16

Just arrived into Geneva overnighting until I meet up with Coach and Meaghan tomorrow morning back at airport before drive to Veysonnaz for next World Cup.

Had a terrific week at Pyeongchang - the course was the biggest I've ever seen - so I expected a few bruises but I at least walked away in relatively one piece unlike a number of others.  Knee and side sore but only skin damage!

The South Koreans were really nice and very helpful. Found my watch after it was lost during my heat - stoked.

A couple of shots of the around the area.  The specialty luggage buses were efficient. Big flame structure.

Trying to get out in a snow storm at Incheon International Airport - 1 hour delay, winter travel!

Pyeongchang South Korea, Olympic Test Event,

22nd Feb 2016

Apologies for the delay since my last post - have been working hard on technique, with some new boards, hopefully it will all come together soon.

I arrived into South Korea yesterday, really well sorted airport at Incheon International Airport - had an awesome night at the Hotel and now we are on a really nice bus (full wifi on board) heading to the Olympic Test Venue in Pyeongchang province.

As they are testing all their systems - all our boards and luggage is being taken to athlete village via other vehicles.
Took this quick shot from the bus - up is definitely the go over here - saving land.

With Senna Leith ISTC USA team mate. Enjoy the day where ever you are.

Prince George - Tabor Mountain, Canada

29th Jan 2016

Just arrived into Prince George BC Canada for training and racing over the next 10 days.

10 hours flying to get here Denver/Calgary/Vancouver/Prince George, but really like experiencing a new mountain and area to explore.

This is what the local newspaper is saying about the next few days. We are all being treated really great.

So I'll keep you posted how it all goes.

Ski Cooper Great SBX Training Course.

18th Jan 2016

Tough training days at Ski Cooper, Colorado - but designed to push us to the limit.

Speaking of limit - lost another board today!! Sorry Dad!.

But hey it felt good to nail the big double! Mouth guard a must. Feeling great - learning so much.

My new race suit from ONE Studio is awesome.

Busy couple of months coming up - off to Canada for two weeks, comps and training and then it's off to the Olympic Test event in Seoul South Korea on to Geneva for the Veysonnaz World Cup and then will take the rest of the season as it comes.

If anyone is wondering why I'm not at the Youth Olympics - I was born 3 weeks too late - turn 19 this weekend! All the best to everyone competing.

West Coast, New Zealand for the Holidays

2nd January 2016

Terrific break away - on the West Coast - Groper, Blue Nose and Crayfish. Plus Great Mates.

Best thing we ever managed to do was get a Westpac Card with both Air New Zealand Status and Airpoints - family puts everything through it - hence I get the chance to get home and save big time on excess luggage.

Feeling very lucky to have the opportunities I have - here's to an awesome 2016.

Montafon SBX World Cup Austria, Market Day

15th Dec 15

Last day in Austria - it's been a great trip with lots of training and racing - back to USA for more training and then on to the next races planned.

Have a Great Holiday Season - where ever you are in the World.

World Cup Snowboard Cross Video

Good video to explain SBX racing - Sub titles.

Il codice dello Snowboardcross | FISI Official

Cortina SBX World Cup Cancelled

6th Dec 15

So disappointed - just heard that the Cortina Night Race World Cup has been cancelled due to lack of snow. I was really looking forward to it, but that's how things go.

Montafon is still this on this coming week - but I believe the snow is soft.  So time to reorganise flights back to Denver earlier.

Swarovski Museum, Austria, Rest Day.

30th Nov 15

Had a great day exploring the Swarovski Museum - pretty amazing some of the displays.

Hows my Scary shot!

 It says: Largest Hand Cut Crystal in the World with 100 facets (310,000 carats) 1995.

SBX, Europa Cup, Competing and Training in Pitzal Austria

27th Nov 15

Here's an update - only if you missed the going's on at Pitzal via Facebook or Instagram

Unfortunately it's happened to me on many occasions, "getting boarder crossed" you get taken out by another rider who miss judges something! Dam it can be frustrating - but as they say that's SBX!

It was my turn today - sincere apologies Adam - didn't spot the deep rut and ended up in it and then upside down taking out one of my fellow competitors.

But on a positive note he was pretty understanding and we were both in one piece 'so far' no serious injury. We will both ride again!

My learning curve this week, I have to say has been pretty steep, I'm fitter than I have ever been but it's like I've got to learn how to use my body all over again, how I respond in different situations.

In reality I have only had approx a week on snow - pow riding, course and competing so with a couple more weeks of quality course training (I believe a new course, is being built by the World Cup crew for training) I feel confident this learning curve will come together for the up and coming World Cups. Always positive.


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