USASA Rocky Mountain SBX Open Class Men

19/20th Jan 13

Wow,  just finished my first weekend of competition races at Copper USASA.

Instead of being in my age class which would have been Youth Men (14 - 15 year olds) - my coaches wanted me competing in the Open Class Mens section (as they said this year is about learning and training so might as well be up against more experienced riders).

First day was my best race - just missed getting to the final (7th) but hey I was pleased with the day - feeling not too bad considering,  I - like a lot of others have been battling the winter flu.

Unfortunately, day two I managed to go too fast into a feature and ended up on my rump - but still managed to place (8).  All good - learnt heaps.

Congrats to Olivia and Brooke from SSWSC who placed 2nd and 3rd in Womens Open Class.

Looking forward to day off Monday - rest and recovery, prior to training on the track tomorrow, which I have heard has been changed up to make things more tricky for this weekends Nor Ams.
My first North American Cup competitions hopefully my energy levels will be back to normal!!

Staying in a nice apartment with the SSWSC squad and coaches in Copper, so pretty handy to everything.


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