Big White BC to Steamboat Springs via LAX & DIA

12 Feb 13

First big road trip with SSWSC finished, back in Steamboat Springs 10pm last night.

Canada great - Killington cold, followed by Canadian Customs not wanting to let me back into the USA (their system wouldn't recognise my 5 year visa)!  40 minutes and a dash to the plane with Coach Cody later!! Then USA Customs some how reckoned I was an over-stayer and didn't want to let me in when we got to LAX!!!

At one stage I thought I might have to go back to Vancouver and direct to Auckland.
(Ha. Mum would have got back to NZ eventually)!!!

Big White was my best result out of Nor-Am's -  21st out of 51 (not that it counts now, but highest placed 16 yr).  Improved with each race, after major crash at Copper Training - new bindings working great, body healed - looking forward to next events in Sun Valley and Mt Hood.
 At the top of the SBX Course at Big White (Coach Cody took shot) felt like the top of world. Ha

 Flying into LA - population plus!!

Big White was great - awesome set up - loads of park crew on course and great lunches, thanks!!


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