Quiksilver + Powder = Awesome + Grouse?

24th Feb 13
Had a great start this morning, loads of fresh powder - so having a day off training I thought I'd explore some new areas of Mt Werner SB. Super stocked with some great tree runs, then I got a hell of a shock as I was just about to hit a wind-lip when the snow literally exploded in front of me and these birds came up out of the snow!

Stoked I got them on GoPro - I checked out the web on bird life in Colorado Mountains and I think this is them - the exploding bit matches!!-
The Ruffed Grouse spends most of its time quietly on the ground, and when surprised, may explode into flight, beating their wings very loudly. In the winter, they will borrow into the snow for warmth, and may suddenly burst out of the snow when approached too closely. 
Snow hole and wing tracks of a grouse as it burst out of the snow when approached. Off web.
Sorry guys! didn't mean to disturb your spot.
Click and enlarge the bird shot and it will give you a better sense of the surprise!


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