Quiksilver, Helicopters and Snowboarding!!!

June 13

Sorry for the delay in getting some more blog updates on the go. This month has just gone soo fast.

Felt pretty good hitting the opening days of both Coronet and Remarkables in my new gear from  www.quiksilver.co.nz  much appreciated thanks.

During the Queenstown Winter Festival the Aussie www.quiksilver.com.au Quiksilver crew comes over for some fun and snow - so had a great time with the NZ and Aussie crew filming at Cardrona - lots of fun always, awesome snow.

But the best thing that has happened this month on a snowboarding front was today - nothing like getting an invite to go Heli Snowboarding with the Quiksilver crew.

Blue sky day - left Queenstown with www.helicopter.co.nz Helicopter Line, and Harris Mountain www.heliski.co.nz guides - awesome amazing day.

My two passions Helicopters and Snowboarding!!!

Check back for the Official Edit from Quiksilver in the next few weeks.
Great time with Quiksilver - always!


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