Mont Tremblant - Nor Am - Canada - Race 2

30th Jan 2014

Happy to finish with another top ten place today, first two races of my season in Nor Am.  The course was a lot faster today during practice but by the time it was race time the snow had started to fall and things slowed down - still good racing.

For those friends and family who aren't snow people this is what I was wearing over the last few days to cope with Neg -25cel. Firstly we all know icebreaker is super warm!! - this was my layers 1x 200 short sleeved (ib), 1x 200 long sleeved (ib), 1x 320 long sleeved icebreaker, then my back brace then my race shirt - plus my big Quiksilver super warm jacket for between races. COLD plus the wind chill thrown in.

I have been in colder temperatures like last year at Steamboat Springs and it was -32c but when you have to hang around at the top of events waiting for races and qualification runs the cold can sure try and get in to the bones. But I'm pleased to say - I was super toasty thanks to icebreaker/quiksilver and R&R.

The squad was really big this season to travel with - I think we had 18 plus 3/4 coaches. The coaches did a great job keeping things sorted and the overlay on the boards was super fast great job.

Have to say the people in Mont Tremblant have been amazingly hospitable. Can't say my french was any good - even struggled with the efpos machine in french! ha all good.

Really enjoyed some Keylime Pie and Icecream for dinner tonight, plus a pulled pork burger YUM - a guys got to have a treat!

PS - just having a few hiccups with the blog site - havn't been able to change Results section and home etc. working on it - video out soon - thanks for visiting.


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