SBX Training - Canyons

Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Ha - as you can see my training is going really well!  I annihilated this exercise - all good fun.

The year has started off well - we are training twice a week on the SBX course at the Utah Olympic Park, as well as Canyons and Snowbird.  Hitting the gym three times a week - now training at a new gym in Park City, the Salt Lake City gym was awesome but the traveling time after a full day training and waxing boards etc started to chew up the hours - a guys got to eat as well!!

Yes - folks, I'm doing good thanks to the ginormous food parcel you sent!! Have enough food to last a month! Brooke No 3 flatmate has arrived for the up and coming race season - so things are humming.

Understand we will have to strap up our faces etc when we hit the east coast for the first Nor Am as the temperatures are a bit extreme!! Will be banking on my icebreaker and quiksilver gear keeping me warm and moving fast!!

Finally I have some video footage coming through so - will get that up and running as soon as I get a bit of spare time.

Have a great day - make everyone count!


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