Snowbird Utah SBX Training Day.

14th Jan 2014

Another "hard" day hitting the slopes of Snowbird - making the most of every day!

Mountains are so different than NZ, Snowbird is where we get some great vertical training. Learning heaps this season, enjoying the gym sessions plus even getting into yoga at new gym, I discovered  muscles I didnt know existed! All good thou - Brooke (flatmate) is a Nutritionist health Supremo, so I declined a birthday cake from Mum and Dad - as I said the chances of me getting to eat it is slim. HA! It's all good. Body feeling pretty good - I feel the new cross-fit training thing is making a difference.

I hear the summer down under has been a bit all over the place and Aussie getting hit with the super high temps. Sorry - days fly by so working on a video edit.


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