Valmalenco Italy 2014

28th Mar 14

Wow, feeling pretty good, had a great flight over the ditch - thanks to Jon Casson's gold status - still in economy but had the seats right at the front with extra leg room. Awesome! So surprisingly I actually got some good sleep. Stopped off on route to Valmalenco for a classic Italian Pizza with the other Team Utah members, Georgia, Ellise, Caleb and coach Jon.  I don't know how the Italians stay so fit with such great pizza's.

Perfect day - great views of Lake Como and the ancient hillsides.  Plus a view from the window of the room we are in. I'm going to make the most of tonights sleep before room mate Jarryd Hughes gets here - Ha.

Coach says it's a day off tomorrow to get acclimatised and explore the mountain with a day of free riding. More new places and great people to meet.  Georgia has a sick translator app so will have to download tonight. Great people, but not as many english speaking as in Rome or cities.

 Pizza was great on the side of Lake Como.

Road trip Milan off map in south up to north-east Valmalenco.

 Ancient hillsides makes you feel pretty young back in NZ

Room with a view!


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