Avalanche NZ Course

Sept 14

I PASSED! http://www.avalanche.ac.nz/

Wow, what a full on week, considering I haven't been in a class room for more than two days "first aid course" in ten years. Can't say it wasn't pretty intense. Very interesting, learnt heaps, never tried to write so much - ever!! Dyslexic challenges.

A big thanks to the instructors. 18 participates from Japan, England, Aussie, Europe and NZ. At the start of the course we were all asked to introduce ourselves and say what we wanted to gain from the course.

Most were using the course to further their careers or increase job opportunities.  My answer did get a few chuckles (mum would have been impressed)!

Duncan Campbell - increased longevity! 

"The Word "longevity" is sometimes used as a synonym for "life expectancy".

Had a great week, really pleased to have passed and keen to get home. Took this shot of the natives having fun up Treble Cone.  This guy was determined to get the crockery cup to fall off the table. Maybe smaller pieces are easier to fly with!!

Kea's - are awesome, really naughty but so intelligent - loads of entertainment. 


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