Lake Wakatipu - perfect day to be out on Lake.

7th Sept 14

Had a great weekend. Caught up with a mate - Fynn Thompson who has just got back from competing at the Triathlon Worlds in Edmonton, Canada.  So we decided we needed to get out into the mountains and chillax.  Camped out on the other side of the lake.  Had a great night except the Dog couldn't sleep in!!

Then we called up the taxi (dad and crew on boat) came past and picked us up, the lake was crystal clear and smooth like I haven't seen it in years.  So we decided it must be time for an ice cream in Glenorchy via the islands and then back via Mt Nicholas, Walter Peak and Hidden Island.

You never know who you are going to meet up with on the Glenorchy Wharf - the infamous April, Bedee and Lacy the horse who loves hanging out on the wharf having a scratch.

Zen, Fynn, Colleen,  Lacey (Horse) Skye, James.


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