Colorado, USA 2014/2015 Season Begins.

28th Oct 14

Well we made it via Salt Lake City and Grand Junction - arrived into Summit County today.

No snow really - very little natural on tops - never been here at this time of the season before, pretty spectacular driving along the Colorado River up into the Summit County - Autumn colours out big time, usually it is white!  Frozen river, white hills, roads etc.

Good thing as - for us Kiwis it's a bit of an adjustment:-  "Wrong side of the car, on the Wrong side of the road!" But hey so far so good.

The place I'm staying is pretty great, lots of space, gym/recovery room and a full wax area set up.

Hit the gym today after a day to recover from the jet lag. Ok, considering I've had a few weeks off recovering. But looking forward to getting into it.

Joining into I70 from Grand Junction, Colorado - heading to Summit County, CO 
- wow I'd like to hit those ridges on a bike!


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