Training hard in Colorado

28th October 2015

The season is moving fast and I haven't even hit the snow on a board yet.  A Basin opens tomorrow but that will be hectic with thousands out there.

So it will be more strength and conditioning training, "Yoga" yes getting into this with my yoga teacher squad mate, Brooke - but excellent for stretching out those muscles. Goal is to continually increase muscle mass - for speed, endurance and injury prevention.

Had a trip to Denver to buy up groceries at Costco - wow seriously big set up.  What we would pay a hundred dollars for in NZ was only $22 USA. So the guys brought up on some serious roasts to go with the healthy vegs etc.

Here's a shot showing the snow is arriving slowly, with more predicted in the next week, out walking off the gym session.

Getting bags and gear sorted for the 6 week trip to Europe soon so can't wait to get racing again!!


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