West Coast NZ trip and off to the airport

10th-13th Oct 15

Pictures say it all.

Awesome last weekend away with the crew on the west coast fishing didn't have a lot of luck we were after the big fish - scored octopus, crays, cod etc but no Bluenose. Tried spearfishing but the seals weren't having a bar of me poaching in their spot - super friendly.

Sleeping in the boat waking up surrounded by terrific scenery, as we weren't getting a lot of action on the fishing front I had to make it look good for the camera!! Ha.


If only!

Had a blast swimming with some NZ fur seals.

Sorted! A couple of carabiners and I can haul all the gear on my own!

Big thanks to:  Skeggs Foundation (F), Torpedo7 (E), Community Trust of Southland (F),  SnowsportsNZ/HPNZ (T-S/C/P/N), The Remarkables (T-On snow), Icebreaker (E), Bruce Grant Trust (F) and Alpine Health & Fitness (T-Gym) for assisting me with my World Cup and Olympic Goals. 

Funding, Training (Strength and conditioning/Psychology/Nutrition/On Snow/Gym facilities), Equipment/Clothing it all helps, thanks again - greatly appreciated.


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