SBX, Europa Cup, Competing and Training in Pitzal Austria

27th Nov 15

Here's an update - only if you missed the going's on at Pitzal via Facebook or Instagram

Unfortunately it's happened to me on many occasions, "getting boarder crossed" you get taken out by another rider who miss judges something! Dam it can be frustrating - but as they say that's SBX!

It was my turn today - sincere apologies Adam - didn't spot the deep rut and ended up in it and then upside down taking out one of my fellow competitors.

But on a positive note he was pretty understanding and we were both in one piece 'so far' no serious injury. We will both ride again!

My learning curve this week, I have to say has been pretty steep, I'm fitter than I have ever been but it's like I've got to learn how to use my body all over again, how I respond in different situations.

In reality I have only had approx a week on snow - pow riding, course and competing so with a couple more weeks of quality course training (I believe a new course, is being built by the World Cup crew for training) I feel confident this learning curve will come together for the up and coming World Cups. Always positive.


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