Balanced life at present - Studying Hard + Playing Heaps

July 16

I've been super busy getting some studying done - Business Management Course thanks to High Performance NZ Education Grant but also I have managed to do two courses towards my PPL Helicopter Theory exams and 1 for CPL Commercial - thanks to Lois for lending me her apartment in Chch!

It's been tough for someone who hasn't ever been to high school - so it was a fairly big challenge getting ready for the exams. I have to say some of my stress management sports practices did come in handy - pleased to say I have passed all so far.

Took the opportunity thanks to Air New Zealand Airpoints programme to meet up with Dad and the crew in Bluff for an awesome fishing trip last weekend.

So calm the first day,  Dad and I managed to get out past Stewart Island to the West and having been escorted by a pod of dolphins - we scored lots of amazing fish, paua and crays for the freezer. Including the 60 cm plus blue cod. Just shows what the various species can become if they aren't over fished.


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