ANC Cups Mt Hotham Australia 2016

7th Aug 2016

Have really enjoyed the last few days at Mt Hotham, things were changed around a bit they decided to do both race qualifications on the 5th Aug and then both races on the 6th in case the weather packed in.

So qualified 4th and 5th - then finished 5th and 6th respectively - happy with my preparation - tired after the double race day - but to be expected - 12 full on races - something to continue to work on.

We were supposed to race at Thredbo but it appears there isn't enough snow for a race course so the event has been put back on Mt Hotham at the start of September! So decisions to be made - after chatting with Aussie friends and coach - I've decided to travel to Thredbo (as this was all prepaid) for some on snow training and then back to Mt Hotham for the last couple of races. All good practice leading into the season.

Feeling pretty relaxed and looking forward to enjoying the journey.


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