Solitude World Cup SBX training 2016

20th Jan 2017

This year has been moving very slow after a great break over New Year.

I've spent the last couple of weeks battling a sinus infection and haven't been able to do a lot.  Splitting headaches are not very conducive to hitting jumps or gym workouts. So a couple of visits to US Doctors and I'm finally on the mend.

Drove 7 hours up to Solitude Resort in Utah for the USA Grand Prix FIS World Cup.

Starting to feel a lot better plus really happy to have received my two old boards from Kessler Switzerland, where I had left them to have a new grind put into them after Austria.

Training day was fun - nice course, never been to Solitude before, really great.

Felt pretty good in the quals round yesterday, super stoked to qualify 30th yesterday in field of 68 - so I'm World Cup racing tomorrow - will give it my best shot!

Photo cred - thanks Rax


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