World Cup SBX 2017

27th Feb 17

Check out this photo - I was optimistic when I noticed the 11:11.

So whats been happening - since January I have been fighting various infections and the head has been crazy sore. 3 visits to US Doctors and 3 lots of antibiotics (which I hate taking, really knocks me around). Plus 7 international flights - I got back to Colorado and thought my season was over.

Splitting headaches no matter what I took or tried.  So I finally (with some firm requests from folks back home) headed for the A&E at the St Anthonys Summit Hospital Emergency in Frisco.

Super impressed with the doctors - really keen to sort through the possible problems (keeping in mind I hadn't had a crash, concussion wasn't on the list of possibilities).  Lots of worrying thoughts going through my head - until they set up the IV and I laid down to chill - I noticed the clock - 11:11 I think it's supposed to be good luck? so after a few hours they let me out. But come back if I wasn't improving in the next day or so.

The first day I felt a bit better, brought a new humidifier at 9/10,000 feet the altitude can get you sometimes. But no so back I went and I'm pleased to say that once again St Anthony's Doctors were awesome - CT Scan and some investigation showed up some severe inflammation and fluid pooling going on, but no tumours etc so I believe these Doctors have got my situation sorted.  Awesome!!

Hence I'm leaving tomorrow - for the last three World Cup/World Championship SBX events of the Northern Hemisphere. La Molina Spain and then Sierra South Spain, then Veysonnaz Switzerland. Watch this space hopefully I'll have a lot more energy - being sick for over a month - takes it out of you.

The Challenges of international sport. Watch this space.


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