South American SBX Cup 2017

Sept 17

It's been a roller coaster month, really enjoyed the training but have been working on all sorts of things - revisiting technique and board stiffness.

Unfortunately, riding a new board for my first world cups did not pan out!! super disappointed but everything felt right! which was really frustrating. However, onwards and upwards I'll continue to work on bringing all the new changes together.

Stayed on in Bariloche to get some race training on one of the best courses I've ever ridden and competed in the South American SBX Cup with a number of other World Cup riders.

Very pleased to report that - I secured a couple of 2nd's out of two races - finally felt like things were coming together.

I really enjoy racing - so now looking forward to some more hard training in NZ before leaving for the Northern Hemisphere training in Austria and Finland (a first, looking forward to that). Then into the full on World Cup Schedule leading into the Olympics.

Giving it my all.  Hardwork, perseverance!

Thanks for the support.


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