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Hi, welcome to my site.

Checkout the blog section that's where I update on a regular basis.

I know I'm a lucky guy living in this amazing district - Queenstown, New Zealand and being able to participate in the exciting sport of Snowboard Cross. 

When I'm not racing/training - you'll find me out hiking, climbing, split boarding, mountain biking, fishing, diving, spearfishing etc. As they say I'm usually on top of the cold stuff or in it!

This is my big season - my goal is to secure a spot in the Winter Olympics 2018 Pyeongchang South Korea. I need to compete at as many World Cup events.

So if you would like to help - I'd appreciate a LIKE on my athlete page - which helps any potential sponsors know that people are interested in my journey.  www.facebook.com/duncancampbell.nz

It's not always easy getting video footage - as racing with GoPros/Cameras isn't allowed - if you end up in the BNetting it could do some serious damage to your neck!!! But I will try to get some more video up, thanks again for visiting.


I have to say an enormous thanks to my sponsors and supporters - for without their help it would be soo much harder.  
Thanks and I really appreciate your encouragement.

Torpedo7 www.torpedo7.co.nz/
The Remarkables www.nzski.com/queenstown/the-mountains/the-remarkables
Alpine Health and Fitness http://sportrec.qldc.govt.nz

Really appreciate the various funding support received over the years from:-

Skeggs Foundation  www.sportotago.co.nz/skeggs-foundation
Community Trust of Southland www.ctos.org.nz
Adastra Foundation www.adastra.org.nz/‎
Bruce Grant Foundation  www.brucegrantyouthtrust.org.nz


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