USASA Nationals 2011 - Duncan Campbell Snowboarder

5th April 2011 - Wow - my first USASA Nationals is finished. I'm pretty stoked overall but on Sunday night I was really gutted.

3rd April: Boardercross worked my way through the qualifying heats, (6 starters in each, which is the first time I've had to compete like that! Tight!!), then the quarters, semis and then made it in to the finals. Blizzard conditions.

I was feeling really good about making a medal position but unfortunately the guy in front of me crashed and as I told him today (5th) he owes me for trying not to decapitate him - hence I crashed. By the time I got back around the flag - 6th out of 67 contestants was the outcome. Not bad - but oh it should have been so much better!

4th April: Slalom - didn't feel any real pressure as alpine race events are fairly new to me given I've had 3 races in 12 months. So gave it my best given I was one of the last to qualify on the National Rankings because of only being able to compete in 2 races. Happy with 14th out of 63 competing contestants. Visability not good.

Today - last event: Blue sky day - looking forward to having fun over the next few days and watching Bex, Benji, Jay and Hamish.

So after having a couple of good runs - I was surprised to hear that I had taken 12th out of 64.
Looking forward to next season - going to try some hardboots against these guys.

Time to pack up and head home - snow is arriving in Queenstown.


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