Mt Hutt - Snowboard Slalom Race Series 3

Aug 29th/30th 2011

Sunday afternoon got the call to say the race had been shifted from Tues to Monday because some of the Asian competitors where flying out Tuesday. So at 4.30pm we had 1/2 hour to hit the road to get to Methven.

Pea Soup from Geraldine to Methven - didn't get into the awesome Ski Time Lodge until 11pm. So feeling a little jaded on Monday morning. Got up Mt Hutt and shock horror the Winter Games Racers had been competing on Sunday and had iced the slope - yuck - not too big on ice.

Anyway a few more racers but overall happy with results - consistent time. 1st Youth, (6th overall 14 men).

Have to stay for a dentist appointment in Chch so thought I'd get some practice in on the hardboard. Mt Hutt didn't open till 12.30 due to high winds but then had an awesome practice with Mark and as the mountain had been closed we had basically the mountains big wide slope to share with about 6 other people. MAGIC. also no ice.

3 disq men.


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