Black Bear in Museum of North West, Colorado.

12th Dec 12

I found this photo Mum took when we visited the Craig Museum  last week, on my day off. It was quite interesting looking at all the historic western history.

This 720 lb/326 kilo Black Bear was on display - sad really such an awesome animal. So the little guy we saw last week in Steamboat was tiny compared to this fellow.

Reading up on these guys - they don't actually eat much meat they mainly eat fruits, nuts and plants - an occasional squirrel or birds eggs; so humans are definitely not on the menu. I still wouldn't like to come across Yogi on a dark night!!

Its been suggested I should be a little more informative so here goes - Craig is known as the Elk Capital of the World and relies on hunting tourism. The town is also surrounded by 4 underground coal mines which is a major employer in town.


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