World Cup Boardercross Finish Line and White Lines

14/15th Dec 12

Ha, a quick shot driving up to the unit - as you can see the white line is pretty broad over here -
                                      Awesome!!!          Ha, not so chuffed the driver!!

The squad has been helping out SSWSC with the USSA Alpine Snowboard Race series at Howelsen Hill - helping out with course set up and being gate keepers. Makes you really appreciate the amount of effort that goes into events grass root to elite.

                                                             Talking about elite.
Check out the Finish Line shot of Seth Wescott (standing) and Alex (Chumpy) Pullin laying it down in the finish of the World Cup Boardercross Race in Telluride, Colorado this week!!. Sick!   Seth 1st, Chumpy 2nd.

         Seth Wescott USA, Alex (Chumpy) Pullin AUS, Chris Robanske CAN,  Stian Sivertzen NOR


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