Wallabies in NZ

17th/18th Aug 13

Had an opportunity to go hunting Wallabies in the weekend - not those ones that were being hammered by the All Blacks.   No the ones that Department of Conversation and Farmers consider pests.

So many people have been surprised that NZ actually have animals similar to Kangaroos.

Between 1858 and 1870 about 12 species of marsupial were let loose in NZ but only the brushtailed opossum and the wallabies became successfully established.

We didn't see or shot as many as the farmer hoped as it was a pouring wet weekend but as you can see - Jarrah is licking his lips in anticipation of wallabie dinner and even dripping wet the rest of us were still having a great time - out in a new part of the country.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks Jonesy and Latham for great trip. 

For those of you who are wondering why I'm not competing during the Winter Games events - well that is because when Snow Park closed - the events from Snow Park were shifted to Cardrona and they were not able to hold the NZ Transcontinental Boardercross Cup as well!!!! So with the warm winter we are having, I'm making the most of some time out with Dad and mates prior to hitting the northern hemisphere again.


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