Highland Motorsport Park - Good Times

1st Sept 13

Dad suggested we go to Cromwell today and have a go on the Go Karts, at the Highland Motorsport Park, great set up - http://www.highlands.co.nz/

Luck was on our side because when we arrived at HMP they had a Father's Day treat happening - the owner Tony Quinn (really nice guy) was taking passengers for a lap of the race circuit in his new Lamborghini!!

 Check it out - I can see how people can get hooked on these machines!

On a high - after my need for speed was definitely met!

Dad needed a coffee!! after his lap - he reckons it was a good thing he cut his toe nails this week otherwise, he might have drilled a hole through the floor trying to find the brakes!

Terrific day - here's a shot of Dad on the Karts - not quite the same as being on the race track but awesome set up and they provide everyone with a print-out of your individual lap speeds. 

Thanks Dad for all the good times, always have a laugh with you!


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