Keeping Fit and Working.

30th April 14

Getting the balance, keeping fit and trying to work and get some money together for the next big season. My primary Sponsor the awesome R&R Sport  has helped out greatly, I have enjoyed working in their super busy rental area, plus in the maintenance and waxing departments. 

However, this year I thought I would try and get a more physical labour job, so that I can keep fit out in the elements, as well as earn some money - just waiting for a construction project to start, so I have been temping at Tradestaff - second day today - scraped the ice off the windows and hit the road. 

Making hay before the snow gets here - I think the NZ/Aussie season could be a good one. 

Back home - good feed, run with the dog and back into the gym, thats the plan.  Life is good.


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