icebreaker - v - Crown Range, Queenstown

15th Aug 2014

Wow, bit of a challenging drive back from a meeting in Wanaka last night, snow falling and we got pulled over to put the chains on the 4WD just past Cardrona about 9.20pm.

All I can say - dam lucky I was wearing two layers of icebreaker as I didn't have any jacket in the car!  as I had't been riding.

Not being that proficient with putting thoses !(*@#$% chains on - it did take a little longer than I had hoped but main "torch holder" was shaking like a leaf in the cold, but hey I was nice and warm!!

Hit the sack 11ish! slow trip watching others trying to navigate the conditions with and without chains!!

icebreaker  // Torpedo7  Thank guys.


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