SBX Speed Training Day at Ski Cooper Colorado.

19th Dec 14

Last day of training before everyone in the squad has a week off catching up with mates and family, hoping Santa will be bringing lots of Champagne - hey - I'm talking "Powder Snow".

Check out Ski Cooper it is an awesome - natural mountain which has welcomed the SBX crew to the mountain by providing all the facilities which are required to train but can't necessarily do on other mountains.

They have a great GS Timed area which is great - you go as fast as you can without getting your passes taken off you. Ha. All good.

Check out these two different views of the course. Pretty stoked I managed to take squad honours on the day.

GS Course taken with Gopro - looks pretty flat.

ISTC Course shot from side of course.

Thanks Ross and crew for the filming, always pick up something from reviewing film.

Hope wherever you are in the world - you have a happy holiday - heres to an awesome 2015.


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