Ski Cooper, Colorado SBX Training

9th Jan 15

Hi - sorry I haven't been online - took a break over the Christmas period - away from the electronics. Hope everyone had an awesome Holiday and now really looking forward to rest of 2015.

Back into training now as we start to come into the competition section of the season. At present we have been helping build the SBX start section at Ski Cooper - they have been amazing - helping us. Now the USA SBX Team have arrived to utilise the facilities and tomorrow a number of other teams are arriving to do speed training on the GS course.

Some shots via ISTC of the course we have been building:-

As you can imagine it is really hard to go hell for leather down a slope (if you aren't in a Ski Race Course - Snowboards seem to rip them up) without getting your passes pulled. So really appreciate the opportunity to take off the breaks.

Check out my interview with Snow Sport NZ.


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