USA, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Spain - Season Finished - Homeward Bound.

4th Apr 15

Can't believe it, the season has finished. Have had an amazing season - obviously my World Cup start 10th and overall World Cup ranking of 24th are my highlights.

The last few races were challenging as it's an adjustment getting back onto the smaller modified courses. I think I like the big ones! If I'm honest I have to say my legs were starting to feel it after all the competing and travelling.

I have learnt heaps this season - lots more to learn - thanks Ross and Jan ISTC.

On route from Vancouver to Denver - then pack up and it's back to DIA in Denver and homeward bound.  First time I've flown out of Vancouver for USA.

The training won't stop - will be hitting the gym big time during the off season - it makes a big difference to on snow training.

Usually when I get home - I'm at a loss really - all go for so long and then - flat.

So this season I've decided to keep going - so I'm doing my Foundation Rescue Divers course in Dunedin for a month.  Have completed all the E Online Courses while travelling and now I can hit the ocean for the practical. I sat my Open Water a couple of years ago and it has been great being able to dive with mates, so I'm really looking forward to learning more and keeping up with the industry.

I found this shot, which pretty much sums up this season - lots of new experiences! 

Especially - looking down my first World Cup course in Veysonnaz, Switzerland! 

- Getting some Deep Breaths in - thanks for the advice back at the start Rachel Newton. 

Thanks for photo:-


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