TSS Earnslaw Queenstown 100th Anniversary Shot

21st Oct 12
Lucy Koch in the foreground awaiting the Earnslaw for return trip to Queenstown. 

Another great day - really enjoyed being on board the TSS Earnslaw for its 100th Anniversary run up past the High Country Stations to Glenorchy.  Considering she was just about scuttled (sunk) in the late 1960's. It's pretty special the old girl is now a focal point of Tourism in Queenstown.

Met lots of interesting people on board lots of stories. My GDad told us about how in the early days they used to drove sheep down Beach Street onto the Earnslaw for the trip to Kingston and before all the passengers were allowed on board for return trip to Queenstown the boat had to be washed out.

I scored a piece of the 100 year old Jarrah Decking which was replaced this year after 100 years!!


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