Wanaka Training Day - Off Ground!!

7 Oct 12
 No Hands Instructor!!

Awesome day hanging with Dad, now that the fields are closed. Weather was amazing, no wind, so I talked Dad into letting me use a voucher he had been given last year for some time with Wanaka Helicopters www.wanakahelicopters.co.nz.

Sick day!! Wow those controls are so super sensitive - but really stoked - Pete - Instructor was great easy to understand and really informative. Also Chris and Simon thanks for your advice.

Both Dad and I got to have a go!!  Needed a break at lunch time so that my brain could catchup, then had another go. Wow can Pete fly, gave those rabbits a run for their money!
Have a log book now, so you never know whats in the future!!

Getting the hang of hovering!! Take off and Landings the Tricky bit! Relax Mum!!


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