Mt Nicholas Station, Icebreaker Country

Oct 12-14 2011

Had an awesome time at Mt Nicholas Station with G'Dad and Dad - 29,000 Merinos were getting a hair cut - they look after them really well for - so there wasn't any chance of me having a go at shearing because they care about the end result! Ha.

Really not that disappointed as G'Dad reckoned I was going to get my butt kicked by a sheep!!

This is a shot of G'Dad and I looking down the Von Valley. Terrific place to stay - kool hosts and talk about the food - delicious!!!!

My G'Dad (Bruce Beadle) used to work over there for many years when he was young, so it was really kool visiting a lot of the property where he used to hang out - various Huts, Burma Road, Von Valley etc.

Managed to get a little hunting in with rabbits and possum on the menu - keep them out of the veggie garden and rose patch.

A-Basin opened today!!


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