Fishing, Von River, Queenstown, NZ

11th Dec 11

Heard Jamie was in town so Dad shot us over the lake to the Von River for a days fishing, it was a super hot, still day and boy was it good to hit the water, even if initially it wasn't planned.

Ha, while climbing up a rock wall trying to get up the river, I slipped and fell in.!! So having scared off all the fish, it was all on - bombs away - amazing rock pools crystal clear, if I had my flippers I reckon I would have been able to catch those guys with my hands.

Jamie and I scored a couple of big trout on the way home from the boat. So all good.


3rd pic - some of the results of a crash I had on Saturday after the chain wrapped up my pedals, so having a quiet day was great - give the skin time to restore itself.


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